Ohio River

Riverbend Music Center

6295 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230


Riverbend Music Center is a great outdoor Pavilion. It is a cool place to see your favorite act.  And, yes, they probably will get them. They get everybody.

Located by the Ohio River (on a bend in the river), it is next door to Coney Island amusement Park and Riverdowns Race Track. This makes for a large open area for the pavilion. The Main stage is like most large outdoor theaters with a covered seat section and a lawn section. The lawn section is not as big as some and does not seem to have as great a view as other locations. The seats however are good. They all seem to have a nice view of the stage with plenty of leg room and drink holders to protect ones drinks. Getting to a seat is not much of a problem either with many entrances and exits and no walls to block passage.  The PNC stage is the same as the larger one with no lawn seats in back but a pit in front.

The amenities of Riverbend are many and well located. From the Drink stations to the bathrooms one will not have too much of a wait even at sold out events. The staff is friendly and available to help with any problems. Overall the River Bend Music Center is a great place to see a show.