Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum


Sullivant Hall, 1813 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43210


The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum is located on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus. This museum houses the world’s largest collection of cartoons and comics. The college started collecting artwork in the 1970’s when it was given the collection of Dayton native and world famous cartoonist Milton Caniff, and has grown since. The museum is open to public most afternoons. Their is also library where one can study cartoons and comics.

The collection includes, editorial cartoons, comic books, comic strips, graphic novels, spots cartoons, magazine cartoons. The museum itself is made of a few galleries filled with cartoons and comics. There is tons to look at an explore. The museum has special exhibits through out the year and many exhibits are rotated. When we went there was a really great Mad Exhibit.

The admission is free, so coming many times a year is needed to see the new exhibits. There is parking in the area, free and at a cost. Most likely, one will have to pay, so look at the options and find out the best deals. The time it takes to visit the museum all depends on how long one spends reading the cartoons. There is lots of fun comics to read, so take the museum leisurely.  The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum is really unique museum that is easy to access. You do not have to be a lover of comics, to enjoy this museum.

Tip: The museum is located on the campus of one of Americas biggest Universities. The place will be busy during the school year and a madhouse at football time. 



Ohio is Football


Dayton Triangles

As the school buses return, the state’s mind turns to things of Autumn. Football, festivals, and fun. Some people say you must go to Texas to understand football fandom. They’ve never been to Ohio in the fall. The NFL started in Ohio. The NFL’s first game was in Dayton. The NFL even choose Canton, Ohio to house the Hall of Fame and kickoff the pre-season every year. The footballs and the whistles used in the Super Bowl are made in Ohio. Other places may “like” football, but Ohio is football.

Despite the troubles they may have, Ohio’s Pro Football teams have a legion of fans all their own. The Browns in the north, and The Bengals in the south. While it has been over 50 years since the Browns won a championship, and they have never been to the Super Bowl, fans all over the state are still loyal. The Bengals have made the playoffs the last 4 years. They have even been to the Super Bowl twice, but lost both times to the 49ers.

While Pro Football in Ohio might not be winning championships, college is a whole different story. Buckeye mania has gripped the state this year as the National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes return to The Horseshoe. Ohio Stadium is located on the campus of The Ohio State University and is impossible to miss on game day. While OSU might be the talk of the town this season, they aren’t the only college team in Ohio. Every corner of this state has a team and any given Saturday in the fall the sounds of marching bands and cheering fans blare through out the land.

While Saturdays are for college, Fridays are for High School. While some schools might do better than others, like the pros, fans still support the local team. With cheerleaders, marching bands, and students helpers the Friday night lights in Ohio shine over more than just the Football team. Friday nights have become a community of their own for local high schools in Ohio.

From the pros to pee wee Ohio is football and Football is Ohio.