Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama


5968 Marietta Rd, Chillicothe, OH 45601


Some consider Tecumseh to be the greatest Shawnee leader ever to have lived. Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama tells the story of this great man with romance gunfire, and a fist or two. More than just a drama, Tecumseh is a full evening of activities in one location. With Behind-the-Scenes Tours, living history, food, show, museum, and gift shop there is something for everyone.

To know how the story is told, and some more history of the man, take the Behind-the-Scenes Tour. The tour is a one hour backstage show of its own. The tour starts with Information on how the location of the venue was chosen, the setup of the stage and lake, and the buildings used. From there it moves on to the more popular action portion. The guns, fights, and safety of the production are both explained and demonstrated. The tour ends with the horses and some other effects used. Over all the tour is a must for anyone wanting to know more about the production itself.

Fox fall during backstage tour

Between the tour and the show is a great time to check out the “Tecumseh!” Snack Shack or “Tecumseh!” Terrace Buffet. From pizza to popcorn, plenty of choices are offered at the shack. For those looking to eat a full meal the buffet is a good value vs driving into town, finding place to eat, and trying to deal with traffic on the way back. The buffet is a basic fried chicken dinner with fixings.

Before the show is also a great time to visit the Gift shop and Museum. The gift shop is a small affair with trinkets and toys. The main draw is the Tecumseh themed merchandise. The museum is a small hallway with a few artifacts and trinkets of the time period.  A quick stop before the show (unlike everything else it closes for the night 15 minutes before curtain call) can help to put some of the facts about the time period into place.

Starting with the early days of the settlement of the Northwest Territory and ending during the War of 1812 the show itself is brought to life through dialogue, battle reenactments, and the outdoor setting.  The script can at times be a little reminiscent of 1950’s westerns. The acting at times also seemed a bit high school drama. Overall the outdoor setting and large staging helped to gloss over any problems.

With no electronic amplification the dialogue is surprisingly easy to hear due to the shape of the mountain. The same shape that directs the voices of the actors also contains the blasts of the guns and cannons. It can get quit noisy at times. The guns, being period accurate, use black powder. Along with the noise comes the smoke. Anyone sensitive to noise and smoke should take caution during the second act.

Overall the Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama in Chillicothe, Ohio is an evening’s worth of the loud and proud life of one of the greatest people to live in the Ohio region.

Cautions: The show is loud, full of smoke at times, and outdoors. If it rains you will get wet.