Play House

Cleveland Play House, Winner of the 2015 Tony Regional Theatre Tony Award

The 2015 Regional Theatre Tony Award has been won by Cleveland Play House. It has also been named one of the best regional theaters in America. Opened 100 years ago the Cleveland Play House was the first professional regional theatre in the nation. From groundbreaking new works to American classics, CPH has provided entertainment for many an Ohioan.

The award is not won just for what is on the stage. Education is a big part of it. CPH’s continuing commitment to education is seen in their in school productions, C.A.R.E program, CPH college, and much more. Cleveland Play House also is committed to making sure the teachers get a chance to learn with Educator Evenings, a night of professional development, food, and a show.

The behind the scenes work of CPH keeps the lights lit and the speakers sounding. Wonder how a show gets made? Take a behind the scenes tour. Want to know more about the show before it starts or talk about it afterwards? They have that.

With the many theaters competing for the prestigious Tony, Cleveland Play House has shown that you don’t have to be on an ocean’s coast to be a great theater.