Schmidt’s Sausauge Haus

240 E Kossuth St,
Columbus, OH 43206

Quick Review: Good sausage in an authentic atmosphere that is as true to its history as it is to its food.

Schmidt’s is one of those little hole in the wall locations that you might never go to if nobody ever took you there. But once you go there it is one of those places that you will visit every time you are in the town.

Although Schmidt’s says it is authentic it does not fell forced like some places. The atmosphere nicely complements the food without being over bearing. This is one reason the place is so hard to find. It seems to blend in to the quaint little area it is housed.

Schmidt’s is known worldwide for it sausage. As it should be. The firm meat has a bit of a spice in the mild variety and a good amount heat in the hot, but still tastes like meat. The Sausage stew is a heap of noodles meat and flavor. The side dishes all speak of their German heritage without seeming foreign and strange. The buffet has a great variety of both sausage and side dishes but does not commit the cardinal sin of sacrificing quality for quality. It is recommended to try only a piece of everything before getting too much of one thing. Even though there are some vegetables, and a salad portion, on the buffet, the amount of meat and starch will quickly load you up.

The staff is extremely friendly but do not expect blazing fast service on a busy night. While this may seem like a minus, it does give you a chance to digest your food before trying to move. A good thing when loaded down with meat and starch.

Every aspect is nicely tailored at this unique German restaurant. From the ambiance all the way down to the horseradish on the tables. A great place to go once, a hard place not to go back to.

Quick Tip: The desserts are cheaper if you get the buffet, but who has room for dessert after the buffet? Take them to go. They are a great way to remember the place. Also take home some sausage. Also to work off the food take a walk to The Book Loft just a few blocks down the street.