Traders World

601 Union Rd, Monroe, OH 45050

Traders World Flea Market is located in Monroe, Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati. This flea market is located off of 1-75 and is easy to access. The flea market is huge with sections inside (air conditioned) and sections outside. Traders World is open most weekends. The summer is the best time to visit Traders World because you can pick up some locally grown produce.

Traders World does charge for parking, but the fee is very small and at the present time is only $2 per car.

It is best to start your adventurous afternoon or day of shopping visiting the outside vendors, this way one can go inside to cool off. Outside you will find produce, furniture, music, clothing, and so much more. You can walk through the cover pavilions or open air booths.

The inside area has something for everyone. Inside you will find many offerings from rugs, furniture, hardware, school supplies, collectibles, to food. One might also be surprised to find a barber shop, beauty shop, and even a bridal shop inside. The food choices are wide. You can get sandwiches, ice cream, fried chicken, pizza, biscuits and gravy and more. Two food items to buy and take home of recommendation are the locally made mustard and honey. Inside there are also many collectibles from pop culture to sports, so an avid collector might want to go searching for the missing piece to their collection. The inside area is huge and one can get lost easily so remember which hallways you have gone down, so you will see it all. Traders World does have a nice selection of handmade items for sale. This might be one highlight of the place. Also, you know when you buy something there you are supporting a local person or family.

Traders World’s website is a great place to visit to see what vendors are at the flea market. The nice thing is there is contact info for many of the vendors and they do ship.

If one has never been to a flea market it can be a little overwhelming at times, so come prepared.

Bring money in small bills, an idea of what you are looking for, an open mind, good walking shoes, and a friend.

Many a Saturday afternoons are spent at Traders World, but not spending at Traders World. This flea market is a great place to go to to just look at what is for sale.

Traders World is the perfect place to go to shopping and hunting for a good deal.

Easton Town Center

Tip: Visit their website to get the hours of the shops or sales before visiting.

Easton Town Center is a 1.7-million square foot urban town center created for shopping in Columbus, Ohio. It is more than just shopping but also has restaurants, entertainment, and retail offices. The center is not your average mall. It is set up like a little downtown area of any major city or small village. It reminds one of Rodeo Drive, the Magnificent Mile, Broadway, or Main Street in Disney World. It is a totally planned center full with the emphasis on the customer’s experience. One can spend the day walking around the outdoor center and enjoy the experience without even shopping. Part of the center is also more like a traditional mall with a movie theatre, and even though this part is indoors it does have a surprisingly open air feeling to it. It is a big place one is not soon to forget.

During a day of heavy shopping one needs a nice meal and Easton Town Center has many different restaurants to fill this need. There are many restaurants where one can sit outside, grab a quick bite, or pick up something to take home. Many of the restaurants are very noticeable because they have outdoor dining.  A family visit to Easton Town Center will also be a day of great eating with many kid friendly options. There are also many desert, chocolate, and ice cream/smoothie places to satisfy ones sweet tooth. Do not worry there are bars and comedy clubs at the Easton Town Center too. Many of these food establishments are national and regional chains, but this does not take back from the fact that one can find a good meal at the Easton Town Center. Expect to wait on summer or weekend nights at some of the sit down restaurants.  The best time to go is for a weekday lunch. Eating is one of the main reasons people come to Easton, so be prepared to be coming back to sample a new restaurant frequently.

Do not forget the movies or fun while visiting the Easton Town Center. These are the perfect places for a date night or a day out with the guys/girls. There are also three hotels located at/or near the Easton Town Center and luxury apartments. So if one gets tired from a day of shopping just check into a hotel. This makes a great place to stay while visiting Columbus.

Easton Town Center is a great place to go for shopping, a meal, or just a day out window shopping.. This is one place to visit even if one does not have the money to spend, but just wants a relaxing day out.

(Suggestion: if you have no money ask for an Easton Town Center gift card good at most merchants for your next birthday gift)