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Random Facts about Ohio: The next 50

Part 1: Random facts about Ohio
Part 2: More random facts about Ohio
More facts from Ohio:

  1. The first car accident occurred in Ohio City, Ohio
  2. The first commercially successful winery was Nicholas Longworth’s in Cincinnati.
  3. The last wild passenger pigeon killed was in Sargents, Pike County, Ohio, in 1900.
  4. The last wild passenger pigeon is on display at The Ohio Historical Center.
  5. The last passenger pigeon died at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914
  6. James Henry Salisbury, M.D the inventor of Salisbury steak is buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland.
  7. The baseball’s seventh inning stretch is said to come from either President Taft getting tired at a baseball game, or from the Cincinnati Reds around 1869
  8. The Warners (of Warner’s Bros Fame) started by exhibiting The Great Train Robbery at carnivals across Ohio.
  9. Both the Avengers and Captain America: Winter Soldier were filmed in Cleveland.
  10. Marvel has made over 2 billion dollars off of the movies it filmed in Cleveland.
  11. Ohio sent over 320,000 men to the Civil War.
  12. 35,475 Ohioans died during the Civil War.
  13. The only equestrian Civil War statue in Ohio honors  Gen. Philip Sheridan.
  14. The youngest person to serve in the Civil War from Ohio was Joseph Fissell from Circleville. He was 11. (John Clem was a few weeks older)
  15. Procter and Gamble (headquartered in Cincinnati) Supplied most of the soap to the Union Army.
  16. The fighting McCooks of Ohio were the largest family group to become officers in the US Army.
  17. Major General James McPherson from Sandusky Countywas the highest ranking officer killed during the Civil War.
  18. Murphy’s Law was named after Capt. Ed Murphy, a development engineer from Wright Field Aircraft Lab.
  19. The largest City in Ohio is Columbus with around 822,553. it is the 15th largest in the nation (in 2013).
  20. Columbus is also the largest city by area with 223.11 sq mi (about 26th largest nationwide)
  21. At 43 residents Miltonsburg is one of the smallest.
  22. Yahtzee was first marketed by National Association Service of Toledo, Ohio.
  23. The rock group Buffalo Springfield is named after Springfield Ohio. They got the name off the side of a Buffalo – Springfield steamroller.
  24. Cleveland was named after General Moses Cleaveland of the Connecticut Land Company.
  25. Columbus is the largest city named for Christopher Columbus.
  26. Centerburg is so named because it is the geographical center of Ohio.
  27. Rose Selfridge, wife of the famous Henry Selfridge, is the daughter of Benjamin Hale Buckingham of Putnam, Ohio.
  28. Hoover, and its parent company,  the largest floor care company in the world, are headquartered in Glenwillow.
  29. A slang term for vacuuming in Britain is “hoover”, named after the Ohio companies product.
  30. The state with the most Ohioans on its quarter is North Carolina? (Both Wright Brothers)
  31. Rana catesbeiana, or common bullfrog is the state frog
  32. The state gemstone is Ohio Flint.
  33. The Blaine Hill bridge in Belmont county is the oldest bridge in the state.
  34. Ohio state reformatory is the official state penal museum.
  35. Rascal Flats started in Columbus. February 21 is Rascal Flats day in honor of this.
  36. Dino Paul Crocetti (Dean Martin) is celebrated on June 7th, Dean Martian Day.
  37. Beautiful Ohio is the state song.
  38. NCR of Dayton used microencapsulation to create the first carbon-less copy paper.
  39. DP&L was made the first scratch and sniff to tell customers what a gas leak smells like.
  40. Haven and Hettrich of Cincinnati patented the first Yo Yo in America.
  41. Rockefeller Center in New York is named after Ohioan John Davison Rockefeller Jr
  42. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York city was founded by Charles Kettering
  43. Con Edison which powers NYC was founded by an Ohioan (Thomas Edison)
  44. The cat was not named after the President. It was named after the comics creator’s grandfather, James A Garfield Davis. He was however named after the President from Ohio.
  45. The northeast portion of Ohio was once part of Connecticut.
  46. Ohio was once a neighbor to Virgina, after being part of it’s military district.
  47. Ohio is the only state name the ends with the same letter it starts, with and is not an A
  48. At 42%, Holmes County has the largest percentage of Amish population of US county.
  49. The SkyCycle, was built in 1907. The pedal-powered blimp was built by Cromwell Dixon and flown at Driving Park.
  50. Elm Street, the one with all the Nightmares, is set in a fictional town of Springwood, Ohio