worth the price

Lewisburg Haunted Cave

4392 Swishers Mill Rd, Lewisburg, OH 45338


As you slowly descend underground you realize this is like no other trail you’ve been to. The Lewisburg Haunted trail, once the world record holder for longest haunted attraction, is completely underground. Unlike other attractions, which are housed indoors and simulate a cave with bats, this trail is a real cave with real bats, water, and dark turns.

The beginning of the trail starts with participants standing in line on the sloped mouth of the former mine. After a standard speech about how to act in a haunted attraction, and warning about the bats, the terror begins. From the ¼ mile long bridge over a darkened lake to the maze of confusion one never knows what to expect. Water will splash, fire will roar, and people will jump out at you. Even when you think you have figured out the pattern the trail changes everything.

Mazes and confusion keep the trail alive at every turn. The standard maze most haunts have is enhanced at Lewisburg with more fog than one can see through, more strobes than one needs, and hosts not meant to help but to drive one as crazy as they are. After participants exit the maze of fencing they enter a more “Hellish” maze of tunnels leading back and forth. After everything is done one wanders if they will ever escape.

The builders use the cave and its dark passage nicely. Where one might expect to be able to tell where a wall is, and thus how to navigate the maze, the shadows of the cave dance around to make sure that doesn’t happen. Cars roar out of holes in what should be solid wall.  Paths follow the slope of the cave and meander to bridges over other portions. When one thinks the cave has no more room to go it gives up more.

Despite the dangers a dark cave brings, the trail is quite safe. At points where the wall seems to be too close for comfort protective covers are put up. The trails are wide and the light sufficient that most participants should have no problem navigating the trail. However it is still a natural cave and the ground is damp and uneven. Boots are recommended.

At nearly 1½ miles, and an hour to navigate, the Lewisburg Haunted Cave is one of the best haunted attractions in Ohio, and the world.

WARNING: You will get wet. You will get wet unevenly. It will be dark at places. It will be LOUD. It is not for the faint of heart or too young of age.