Monday Video Repost

On this day we remember his visit to Canton, Ohio.



Along with the great article is some videos of the legendary place.

The interior

Kahiki Restaurant, Columbus Ohio 1999

Saving the Fireplace.

Kahiki Moai Fireplace Salvage

But whatever happened to the Fireplace?

Whatever Happened to the Kahiki Fireplace? A Tiki Mystery!

or the Fountain?

Kahiki Fountain

And the food?
The official channel of the frozen food company. (only 2 videos posted over 6 years ago)

Happy Ohio

Here are some videos of Ohioans using the song Happy by Pharrell Williams.

(of course we did not create these, so we will show who did)


“Happy” – University of Toledo

St. Patrick’s Day in Ohio

When the calendar turns to March, one starts to think about St. Patrick’s Day. You know the day were everyone is Irish. They day for great music.
If you are near Dublin (Ohio that is) do not miss out on the Parade.

Now is Dublin in the wrong part of the state for you?

Cincinnati also has a parade